Rebuilt Title Vehicle

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Rebuilt Title Vehicles at SS Preowned Cars

At SS Preowned Cars we pride ourselves by fully embracing vehicles with rebuilt titles. As a matter of facts, some of our staff have been driving their personal vehicles with rebuilt titles for the last 10 years. Our clients have also found that by purchasing vehicles like these save them thousands of dollars off retail book prices which means they minimize their total loss over time by paying less up front. Here is why:

What is a rebuilt title car?

It is a vehicle purchased at an insurance auction for various reasons (such as hail damage, theft, damage, etc). Here at SS Preowned Cars we only deal with a small percentage of these cars that meet our stringent standards. The vehicles that do arrive at our trusted repair facilities are brought back to factory specifications and standards. This is the only way we have been able to be the best at what we do and remain the leader in this business for almost 25 years. We only deal with quality makes and models and our professional repair facilities are second to none.are the nations leader in selling rebuilt title vehicles.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Title Vehicle from SS Preowned Cars?

  • Huge savings of $5,000 – $15,000 depending on the type of car you purchase
  • You can buy a newer car for less money – your dollar goes further!
  • You lose less money over time as your car depreciates (like every other car out there) because you paid less to begin by purchasing a branded title car instead of retail-priced clean title car
  • You can finance them at the same rates through us as clean title cars
  • Know the history of the vehicle you are purchasing through SS Preowned Cars with our thorough and extensive inspection process that each of our cars goes through

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